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New website is live! Paul Farace Landscape Photography

Hello! And welcome to my brand new website. I finally got around to getting everything together to launch! Please have a look around and check out the photos, videos, learning resources and more. I have several ebooks I will be releasing soon and are near completion too, so check the "Learn" page for those soon! I have been focused on landscape photography for 1 year now, as well as 9 months into my YouTube Channel, and figured it was time to get the website up! If you are new here my name is Paul Farace and I am a landscape photographer based out of historic St. Augustine Florida. We have some truly beautiful areas all around here that I frequently explore for new and exciting compositions. We also get quite a bit of lightning every year and I love chasing the storms!

I hope you enjoy the new website and check out my youtube channel as well if you like landscape photography vlogs, post processing tutorials and general photography tips!

I will also be posting helpful content on this blog so keep checking back if you are into learning! I will leave you with a few shots I took in my last two VLOGS, enjoy the photos!

The sun breaks through the storm on the Matanzas River.

And then things got extremely colorful!

Long exposure over the Coquina Rock in Marineland Florida.

5 Image blend, focus stacked and multiple shutter speeds for different parts of the water - 1/4 Sec, .6 Sec. Check back soon for new posts and thanks for stopping by!

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