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Merrits Mill Pond Kayak into the Caves

If you did not know they have recently drained Merrit's Mill Pond and you are able to access some of the crystal clear spring cave systems usually only accessible by cave or scuba diving. It was an AMAZING experience and you can check out the video of this trip right here.

They are already filling it back in at 2-4 inches per day so you have about a week or so left to get in there to experience a once in a life time opportunity! If you need to know where just head to Merritt's Mill pond Public Boat Ramp in Marianna, Florida and Gator Hole Cave is directly across the water. Here is the photo I took of Gator Hole Cave once we got into the cave. This photo was taken with a 30 second exposure and lit with my flashlight. 2 images total for focus stacking. I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out my YouTube channel for all kinds of photo adventures!

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