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Marineland Florida Beaches

Some of my absolute favorite beaches in Florida are in Marineland. Marineland is situated between Crescent Beach and Palm Coast in the North East part of Florida. I often visit to shoot landscape photography and wanted to share some of the images I have captured throughout this year. If you love landscape photography or just love the Florida beaches then I hope you enjoy the photos!

Horseshoe Crab Fossil in Coquina rock.

This image was shot during a beautiful sunset. When I got back to editing I noticed something that I had missed when shooting. Can you see the horseshoe crab fossil in there? Was a pretty cool surprise!

What an amazing pink sunset this was. I was here with my family enjoying the beach when this sky started to light up. Thank god I had my gear in the car and also a very supportive family that waited the extra hour for me!

On a last minute decision at 11pm a group of friends and I decided to drive out to the Coquina and try to capture the Milkyway. I am sure happy we decided to go becuase I ended up with one of my favorite astro shots Ive taken so far. What you can't really tell is I'm in about 2-3 ft of water. The sand line patterns, the coquina rock pointing to the Milkway, the heat lightning and low cloud all worked out in this one.

This day had the strangest light. The sun was behind me, but the reflected light was showing all kinds of pastel colors from blue, green, yellow and more. The storm moving in from the left was causing all kinds of weird stuff and this was a day full of different conditions.

If you ever go down to the River to Sea Preserve in Marineland you will know exactly where this tree is. I have walked past it so many times and I always wanted to take a photo, but I never could seem to find the right light or composition. Add to that any light breeze and the tree sways in the wind ruling out much for longer exposures. Well one still day the sky lit up and I was able to capture this shot which I love. It really captures how it felt that evening.

One more Milkyway shot, but this one from on the coquina rocks. The rocks are so cool and it makes this feel like an alien planet!

Guess I will end this list with an image from the same day as the first photo! In this one you can see the tree from the photo above. The beaches up there are so amazing and they really offer a different experience than your typical Florida beaches. Coquina rock is the main feature and it VERY cool to see. If you are in the area I suggest a visit for sure! I hope you enjoyed the photos and if you would like to see more cool photos of Florida, including the springs, woodlands and storms just click right here! If you like Landscape Photography subscribe to my YouTube channel here!

Thanks, Paul Farace

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