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5 Composition Tips for Landscape Photography

5 Composition Tips for Landscape Photography

(This is a partial section taken from my free ebook which will be released soon on my LEARN page).

Composition is arguably the most important factor when shooting landscape photography. There are a number of rules regarding composition and you really should study them all. So you can break them! I prefer to go off feeling when composing my images and with time you start to refine that skill naturally. The more you put into working out your composition in the field the better your results are going to be when you get back to the computer or lab. A little bit of work goes a long way into creating more compelling images.

Let's jump into it!

1. Fill the Frame

Use the entire frame when composing your landscape scenes. Filling the frame with your subject really allows it to shine through. Double that with a very wide angle lens and you can get some unique photos with a different view!

2. Less is more

What you leave out is more important than what you leave in. If you having a hard time getting all of your elements to fit within the frame - consider trying to exclude one or more to simplify your image. Often times less in frame ends up being a much stronger image.

3. Use leading lines

Use leading lines to draw your viewers attention to the places you want them to look. Using lines like roads, paths, trails, rocks, water, edges or anything that draw your viewers attention through your image. This really helps tie your composition together and create a more interesting overall image.

4. Use reflections

Another great tool is to utilize reflections whenever possible or appropriate. Wet sand is my absolute favorite to use for reflections, but anything you can find such as a pond, tide pool or even a puddle can add a great interesting element to your photo.

5. Change Perspective

Try to change your perspective and get a unique view. Weather that is getting up high and shooting down or getting low and close to use forced perspective. Using a different perspective can totally change the way an image looks and feels so be sure to experiment with the different perspectives on your scene.

I hope you enjoyed these 5 quick tips on Landscape Photography Composition! If you are new to Landscape Photography be sure to check for my Ebook 'Landscape Photography Basics.' Please check out my YouTube Channel to see VLOGS and learn more! Click Here!

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