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10 Cheap Gifts for Photographers! Christmas 2020!

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Well Christmas is coming up fast and here come the gift lists!

Do you have a photographer in your life? Don't get them the same old thing they may not even use. Check out these practical and extremely useful gifts.

Below you will find 10 cheap and UNIQUE gifts or stocking stuffers for photographers. These gifts range from $5 to $25 and will actually be very useful to them! You may even surprise them with one or more of these gifts, even though they are inexpensive they are more thoughtful gifts for photographers.

These are in no particular order and even if they have some of these items - these are the kinds of things you can never have enough of. Let's jump into it.

1. Lens Cloths - $5 to $10

MagicFiber lens cloths are a great cheap gift or stocking stuffer! You never have too many and we always lose them!

2. Lens Pen $10

You can't go wrong with a lens pen. Quickly clean your lens with the carbon cleaning compund, no fluids required. Fits in the pocket and a must have on any shoot. These are great to have in the camera bag, in the studio and even one in the car for when you forget to bring one on a shoot.

3. Photography Gloves around $25

Basically any gloves that allow access to the finger and thumb without removing the gloves. These are amazing to have in cold conditions and keep you warm while still allowing you to access the controls on your camera.

4. Hot Shoe Bubble Level Pack $8

Not only do these awesome levels come in handy when shooting, but they also protect the hot shoe. For some reason 90% of photographers lose their hot shoe clip and it exposes the camera to possible damage in wet or rainy conditions.

5. Micro Multi tool $16

Multi tools are great for photographers to carry in the field. You always need one for many reasons. Always a dependable gift.

6. 360-Degree Panoramic Time Lapse Tripod Head $16

These little moving panoramic tripod heads are awesome. You can use them with your phone, action cam or very lightweight mirror-less camera to take cool moving time-lapse images. These are really fun!

7. Smart Phone Tripod Adapter $10

These ALWAYS come in handy! They are tiny, inexpensive and a great little extra to have in your camera bag. If the person you're buying for is only recently interested in photography, these can be great to try out more creative photography with their phone. Paired with a tripod these will allow for longer shutter speeds, time-lapses and more using only a smart phone.

8. Dry Bags $10 to $20

Dry bags are amazing to have when traveling out in the field to keep essential gear dry. I use them on kayak trips or when I know there will be bad weather and photographers are always chasing bad weather!

9. Clip Umbrella $20

These little clip umbrellas are great when shooting photography in the rain. They do an amazing job to help keep your camera and lens dry.

10. Amazon Gift Card $25 to ?

You know I had to throw this one in. It's hard to go wrong with a gift card and just let them pick exactly what they want. Maybe they were saving for a new piece of gear and you can help them get there faster. Maybe they just like to pick out their own gear. Whatever the reason gift cards are always a winner.

I hope you enjoyed this list! I tried to make it a bit different from your standard photographers gift list with unique and inexpensive items that are actually very useful. You can't really go wrong with one or more of the items above. I know I'd be happy and surprised if someone got me a gift like these! Happy Holidays everyone, make sure to spend time with the ones you love and I hope you have a wonderful year! Paul Farace

*Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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