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Paul Farace is quiet and reserved, unlike his images. As only a true native Floridian can be, he is comfortable barefoot in the swamps of his backyard in North Florida. Many photographers strive to capture the serenity of the beaches, backwoods and landscapes of the sunshine state, but never one to follow trends, Paul’s images are bold, fiery and vibrant. His photography brings out the details of a moment that many would overlook, and offers wildly new perspectives of otherwise familiar landscapes. Crashing waves, massive storm fronts, lightning strikes and burning sunsets are the subjects that inspire the energy within Paul’s work. Art and music shape his photography, creating images that are bold, vibrant and timeless, just like Florida.


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Photographing Florida - Landscape Photography Locations

 - Epic landscape photography trip to Frosty mountain in Georgia -

What an amazing trip to north Georgia! With the hurricane coming up through south Florida there were tons of cancellations at Amicalola Falls State Park up in the Blue Ridge Mountains. So, as typical Floridians, we jumped at the chance to head up there for the autumn colors...because hurricanes always change paths at the last second and we knew we could score some great conditions. Well that happened to be the case and we ended up with beautiful conditions and even an epic foggy morning full of fall colors.

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Milkyway Over the Okeefenokee (Paul Fara
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